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zhou-style mooncakesSuzhou-sty

le mooncakes have a distinct crust. They are▓ larger in size than mooncakes in the Suzhou-style. The▓ most commonly used fillings are mung bean paste

le mooncakes
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and black bean potato paste.Ningbo-style mooncakesNingbo-style mooncakes are mainly prevalent in East China's Zhejiang province. They have a spicy and salty flavor.Modern MooncakesIce cream mo

Su-style mooncake

oncakesThey are made of ice cream, and made to look like mooncakes. They have become increasingly popular in recent years among young people and ki▓ds.Fruit and ve

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getable mooncakesNaturally, the fillings for▓ this kind of flavor are various vegetables▓ and fruits which include: hami melon, pineapple, litchi, strawberry, white g

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  • ourd and ora▓nge.Seafood mooncakesThese are the most ex▓pensive mooncakes. They feature a fresh and slightly salty flavor. Commonly used fil▓lings include: abalone, shark fin and d▓ried purple seaweed.N

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  • aliang mooncakesThis is the latest creation (Naliang means to ‘receive coolness’). Their fillings are made o▓f lily, green bean or tea, all of which have a cooling effect on the body.Coconu

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  • t milk mooncakesThey ▓are low in sweetness and oil. Their fillings are made of fresh coconut milk. They taste fres▓h and sweet and have the effect of promoting diges▓tion, and improving one's skin.Tea mo


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oncakesThey are made by adding tea to other fillings.

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ng tea to lotus seed paste.Heal▓th food mooncakesHealth food mooncakes ▓are a style of cak